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Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Matthew Mills, and here you can view samples of my work in 3D and 2D animation, as well as 3D Modeling.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blog Updated

Hey everyone. I know it's been a while. As you can see I'm in the middle of incorporating my blog into my website. I'm not a coding genius so I couldn't figure out a really easy way to actually make a blog in my website, so I'm just going to make my blog look like my website, and so far it's going rather well. Still a couple things to match up, but it's almost done. I'll also be moving my website at some point.

But now that I have my blog here, I can put more updates of the stuff I'm working on. I figure I can update my blog pretty much everyday if I want to, and update my actual website about every 2 weeks to a month. This way I can put up works in progress and such, to see what you guys think.

Anywho, let me know if there is anything not working in this new setup. I noticed it's a little slow myself, but that just might be because some of the images are hosted on the school server along with my website. Won't be that way forever.


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