Art of the M Cubed

Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Matthew Mills, and here you can view samples of my work in 3D and 2D animation, as well as 3D Modeling.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3D walks

The following 3D animated walks were done using the generi rig found in the book 3D Animation with Maya 6 by Patricia Beckman and Phil Young. They were an assignment for my Computer animation class, and I'm quite happy with the motions. The one with the cane is my favorite.


Animation Camp

Over the summer I voluntered to teach at the animation summer camp held at the college for kids of all ages. I was put in charge of the pencil test section and helped kids make classical animations. When they were busy and didn't have any questions I worked on this old man shaking his fist, and then his pants fall down. I did make a version with sound, but it has been lost somewhere.

The camp was a lot of fun, and I hope to be teaching in it again this comming summer.



Instead of being placed at a company for my school workterm, since none were available, a group of friends and I decided to get together over the summer and work on a pitch idea that would count toward the credit.

It was going to be an animated sci fi television series with the main part being flash animation, and anything shown in space would be 3D animation. I was in charge of all the modeling, texturing, animation and special effects of the 3D parts, and here are the 3 scenes that were made for the trailer. The finished trailer will be up in a week or so.


Scorpion Fighter

This is the still render of my 3D final of last year. This time I focused more on my modeling skills than the texturing or the environment. Featured in this render is my own mechanical creation, the Scorpion fighter. In the backgroun is another fighter landing through the atmosphere in the distance.


Lifeform Hostile

This is the 2d animation final from last year that I did. We were required to have scenes of both classical animation with paper and with flash.


Surreal Still

This is the still rendering of my 3D animation Midterm of last year. It's a surreal piece, and I had a lot of fun with it.


Experimental Final

This is the experimental final that was done last year for one of my classes. It was done with paper cutouts and composited in premier.